3 Secrets to Hosting the Perfect Dinner Party

Let’s start by getting one thing out of the way – there’s no such thing as “perfect”. While your dinner party will be awesome and your food will be delicious, there is bound to be some sort of issue. That’s life!

While planning for perfection is fine, it’s important to always keep in mind the reality of hosting any get-together. Something will happen. That’s okay!

And it’s more than okay if you have these three secret weapons ready to go. While perfect is a pipe dream, great is something that is well within your reach.

  1. Don’t Run Out of Drinks. There’s nothing worse than making people feel like they have to ration beverages, whether it’s lemonade or wine. One rule of hosting a great dinner party is making people feel comfortable about getting comfortable! And don’t just have enough drinks to go around, be sure to offer something to drink to everyone as soon as they walk through your door.
  2. Dress Comfortably. While fancy dinner parties have their time and place, a good rule is to keep your attire comfortable. Dress as you normally would and even consider going barefoot when possible! Nothing will make your guests feel more at ease than a host who seems right at home.
  3. Prepare Ahead of Time. Of course there will be little things to do here and there, but do your best to get all of the major (aka stress-inducing) tasks done ahead of time. Your guests will be happy to help you with simple preparations, but having them take charge of a major entree – or seeing you sweat over it – is far from anyone’s idea of a perfect dinner party.


One more secret? Have fun. There’s a reason why we call ourselves the Smiling Hosts – it is the number one ingredient to throwing a fantastic, as-close-to-perfect-as-you-can-get dinner party!