4 Essentials Every Host Should Always Have on Hand

At Smiling Hosts, we believe that a little bit of preparation goes a long way. Which is why we make sure to always have these hosting staples on hand, ready to go for impromptu get-togethers and one less thing to worry about forgetting the day of events.

Aside from our line of Smiling Hosts products, which we believe are every bit essential (and fun), there are these four things you can bet are always close by.

  1. Platters. A good stock of serving platters and trays can help you nail presentation every time. Have ones in different sizes and colors, but that also work together in case of needing to use several at once.
  2. Candles. From the ones to go on cakes to table settings and the yummy kind that smell warm and inviting, candles are a must-have for every host. They can instantly create ambiance in any room and make your home feel special when guests arrive.
  3. Flowers. Don’t have time to clean every room? Flowers are a great way to draw attention up and off of surfaces. Plus they look beautiful too. Whether fresh or faux, having flowers on tables and counters is a great way to guarantee glam.
  4. Serving Utensils. Large serving spoons, salad tongs and other serving essentials cannot be overlooked. Nothing is worse than leaving your guests guessing about how to get that delicious food you made (or they brought) onto their plate.



While every host or hostess will add to their must-have list – and, yes, you should create one – this is a great place to get started, and a sure way to help your next party go smoothly.