5 Delicious Recipe Ideas for Breakfast with Tiffany – and Other Guests!

At Smiling Hosts, we believe breakfast get-togethers are some of the best. Low pressure and relaxed, breakfast parties also have the benefit of not being as common, which means they’re an unexpected invitation for your guests.

Another reason we love breakfast gatherings is that the food is delicious. There’s a reason why brunch has become so popular these days!

With the help of these five delicious breakfast ideas, your next party will be a blast – even before 11am!

Chai Tea Latte

Just because it’s a morning gathering doesn’t mean drinks should be overlooked. While not everyone will love coffee and mimosas aren’t a hit with everyone, these chai lattes will be something everyone will love. Surprisingly easy to make from scratch, be sure to prepare lots as people will want more!

Lemon Breakfast Cake

What happens when you take a traditional coffee cake and add lemon? You have a recipe that will become your go-to for any breakfast or brunch event!

Breakfast Tostadas

Turn your breakfast party into a first with this fun entree that looks as good as it tastes. With avocado and eggs, it’s a hearty meal that will leave your guests feeling satisfied, which is always what a good host wants.

Ham and Tomato Quiche

Quiches are the perfect breakfast party meal. They are easy to make ahead, a cinch to serve, and a great way to add variety by simply changing up a few of the add-in ingredients. This version uses ham and fresh tomatoes for a simple, yet scrumptious, taste.

Make-Ahead Casserole

As the name suggestions, the beauty of this breakfast dish is that it can be made before – even the day before – guests arrived. Just pop it in the oven and greet your guests with the smell of a homemade breakfast. And you have the time you want to enjoy everyone’s company!

Breakfast get-togethers are a great way to get people together, especially guests that have a difficult time, whether because of work or family, to make it to events later in the day.

Do you have a favorite go-to recipe for breakfast gatherings? Share it with us!