Getting Involved: 3 Fun Hands-On Ideas for Your Guests

While the general rule of prepping food before your guests arrive still applies, there are times when it’s fun to get your guests involved – especially when it’s part of the party!

Here are three of our favorite hands-on party ideas for your next get-together.

Bagel Bar. If you’re planning a breakfast gathering, a bagel bar is a fun way to make sure everyone gets what they want – and it’s easy to. To ensure success, have your bagels pre-cut and label the toppings you have available. Pre-slicing helps to keep the line moving and avoids potential messes and the labels will make sure people aren’t surprised when they take their first bite.

Cocktail Station. A great conversation starter and a fun addition to any party, a cocktail station gives your guests an opportunity to create signature drinks. Don’t let them have no clue of what they should do though. Rather than putting out everything you have, select a few liquors, bitters, syrups and garnishes that all work together, or that can be interchanged, nicely. Bonus points if you leave recipe ideas on cards or on a chalkboard for your guests to follow – or at least get inspired from!

Ice Cream Sundaes. Nothing says dessert better than ice cream. Go the extra mile by setting up a topping station for your guests to have fun with. Things like crumbled cookies, fresh fruit and sprinkles will make your guests feel like kids again – and will be a hit with real kids as well. Worried about the pain of scooping ice cream? Problem solved. Our signature Smiling Hosts ice cream scoop makes getting the perfect scoop easy every time.

DIY stations at parties are always fun, but we find they’re especially smart when you’re having a gathering with guests that haven’t met each other yet. It’s a fun way to break the ice and get your party going!